War time exposure to Agent Orange can have lasting side effects. You may be eligible for benefits. Check out these resources to help guide you

Blue Water Navy Act

Vietnam Veterans Act for those who served 1962 – 1975 on land or within the 12 mile coastline limits, here is VVA Self Help Guide to help guide you

Agent Orange Newsletter

Get updated information regarding benefits, exposure locations, side effects and health study results. Click to for more

Fort McClellan 1970-1999 – as of 11/26/16

Another new notice was sent out about the Chemical issues relating to Fort McClellan
1970-1999. If you were stationed, attended training in several areas, and just TDY
there you are eligible for compensation due new studies. This post was used over the years for several items from Chemical Warfare Training, Air Assault initial training then moved elsewhere, and National Guard and US Army Reserve training. This base was used heavily during the Vietnam War and Cold War on Chemical Warfare School. At the time every unit was required to have qualified Chemical officers and NCO’s. As in the Agent Orange cases, if you were denied coverage, it is important to reapply ASAP.

Other Vet Resources

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