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Youth development is a key part of the Post’s Mission


The annual summer “Law Enforcement Career Camp” is scheduled to be held in August.  Law Enforcement Career Camp . . . . . what’s that?  Briefly, this is a 4 day camp, where high school students ages 15 to 17 are introduced to various aspects of law enforcement .  Usually, this camp is six day/five nights and is located on the Oregon State Police Academy grounds.  With the corona virus still lurking to some degree, the course for this year is being presented over four days in virtual mode.  As such, access to a computer and the internet will be required. 

The introduction to law careers is a collaboration with The American Legion, Department of Oregon and the Oregon State Police.  The Milwaukie American Legion Post will sponsor and provide scholarships to qualified young people to attend this camp.

Please extend an invitation to any 15 to 17 year old high school young person that may be interested in learning more about law enforcement activities and related careers.  Candidates for this course may be either male or female.

Boys State

This youth program has existed since 1935, and is held each year, running for about one week in the month of June. Boys, (young men) make application to become candidates following junior year of high school. Those selected are headed for an enjoyable series of days of learning at Western Oregon University, in Monmouth, Oregon.

The course of activities are designed to give participants a working knowledge of the structure of city, county and state governments. Students hold elections of their fellow mates for offices within mock bodies of these government organizations. They hold realistic business sessions and organize committees for action on proposals. Senate rules are observed to debate relevant bills. There may even be “hands on” sessions of legal court room proceedings. Not all time is spent at academic endeavors, as physical competitions are made available also.

Throughout the week of Boys State, learning is centered on our forms of government and how they work. Emphasis is also placed on becoming acquainted and working together with other students.

Click or tap the “Download” button above, then print the form.

Dates: June 12 – 18, 2022

  1. Download the file to apply for the 2022 Oregon Boys State.
  2. Print the form, as the file is not a fillable form as viewed on this site.
  3. Have the student fill-in as much information as they have, print the form, and take it to their school to fill out the school section.
  4. After the application is complete, turn it into the sponsoring Post to complete and send to Dept. Headquarters.

Girls State: Developing America’s Young Women

The same fundamentals outlined above in Boys State also hold true for Girls State. Girls State is held separately from the boys gathering. Leadership and Citizenship are the focal points of this program sponsored by American Legion Auxiliary. Girls State, American Legion Auxiliary Oregon, is held at Willamette University, located across from the Oregon State Capitol in Salem.

Partnering with the Boy Scouts to Develop future Leaders

American Legion of Milwaukie, Oregon has enjoyed an ongoing relationship with a local chapter of the Boy Scouts. The Boy Scouts join with our American Legion when it comes time for Flag Disposal. Flag disposal is called for when the Flags have come to an end of life for proper display. They may be torn or badly soiled by flying in smoky air while on display. When this occurs, there is a standard Flag burning ceremony that is held annually by Scouts and American Legion. Proper respectful procedure is observed with flags totally consumed by fire.

On Memorial Day, the local chapter of Scouts joins with the Legion for ceremonies at two of our local Pioneer Cemeteries. Scouts march into a display area with a folded American Flag to hold a Flag raising ceremony. A Scout bugler sounds To The Color as the Flag is raised. At this same event, Scouts and Legionnaires place small American Flags next to the headstones of all veterans that lie in rest there.

On special occasions, invitations are received by the American Legion to attend Scout award ceremonies. Viewing the award of Eagle Scout is a memorable event for parents, Scouts and Legionnaires.

Boy Scouts of America Article statement:

Jerry Craig was honored to attend the BSA Honor Court 12 September at 6PM. The two troops did not have meetings or zooms in the last 14 months but did go to summer camp this year.

The Post has supported T-1445 for several years and T5144 joined us just before the pandemic hit. T5144 is an all Girl Scout troop. We have attached copies of their individual awards at that Honor Court. Congratulations to all.

They will be having fund raisers during the holidays and a Pop Corn sales event starts before our general meeting 7PM 7 October 2021.


The Guys . . . .The Award Winners of Troop T-1445

The Gals . . . . The Award Winners of Troop T-5144


Suicide Prevention training

If you are interested in working to decrease the possibility of suicides in the community, there are means available to learn and train using proper techniques to accomplish this.  An organization known as Lines for Life offers training and certification in a curriculum called QPR.  Lines for Life is a non-profit organization, and QPR stands for (a) Question, (b) Persuade and (c) Refer.  An individual can become certified in QPR or even become a QPR trainer.  To find relevant information about Lines for Life, click on;

QPR Trainings

A second source for obtaining training in the use of QPR is through Clackamas County Social Services.  There are online classes scheduled for January, February and March.  There is more than QPR training to be had through Clackamas County Social Services, as subjects such as Online Adult Mental Health First Aid is also in the curriculum.  For extensive information, contact Kathy Turner at

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