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Parts of Oregon are beginning to re-open, however, recent up-trends in Corona-virus infections have caused changes to original expectations. Oregon Governor Kate Brown has placed Clackamas, Washington and Multnomah Counties in a group that will be granted Phase II recognition on the same date. As noted in the Commanders Message below, Clackamas County (thus American Legion Post 180) will remain in Phase 1 reopening status until a 21 day extension passes, or a change is declared from the Governors Office. Any changes to Oregon reopening and/or Post 180 status will be published on this web site.

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Commander’s Corner

Greetings and salutations;

As of 17 June, Clackamas County will remain in Phase 1 re-opening status for another twenty-one-days. The Post opened on 5 June on a limited daily schedule (7 days a week) from 3 PM to 9PM. This schedule is for current members, i.e. you need to have a current Legion, Auxiliary, or S.A.L. Post 180 membership card. Members are permitted to bring one guest with them into the Post. During Phase 1, the Post is limited to 60 people and members and guests must maintain six foot social distancing. You are welcomed to come down to the Post and use your Post during this Covid-19 medical situation. The facility is being sanitized on a frequent and daily schedule in accordance with state and county guidelines. Our primary concern is the health and well-being of our members and their families.

With this newsletter we are initiating a limited schedule to return some dinner offerings at the Post. These offerings will require advanced reservations for indoor eating and reservations for take-out meals as well. Please see the attached July and August schedules. This limited approach over the next two months will allow us to work out the process and insure that we are staying within the prescribed restrictions and guidelines. Hopefully we will be able to return to a more normal schedule for meals at the Post. We will continue serving hot dogs and chili dogs on Thursdays and some Fridays.

We’ve had an excellent recruiting year (119+& of goal) and we need to continue this effort. July is also the start of the Legion fiscal year and you will begin receiving 2021 renewal notices (your 2020 membership is good until 31 DEC 2020). You can help us out by renewing your membership in July and save us the time and cost for renewal mail outs. Additionally if you have internet access, please consider establishing a free member account on and renewing your membership on-line. There are many benefits available to you through your Mylegion account. I started using this capability last year and have been very pleased with what is offered.

Congratulations to Police Officer Brad Walther! (see Page 3)

Michael Wilson ~ Commander


Post 180 Newsletter

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Oregon Legionnaire Newsletter

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As we know, American Legion at state level is called a Department, and each state Department is composed of Districts, which in turn are made up of the Legion Posts for a given District area.  The Posts, Districts and finally, the Department of each state have a goal each year to attain a given number of paid memberships.  This past Legion year, the Departments of Montana, Maryland, Oklahoma and Oregon reached their 100 percent membership goals.  Charts reflecting the consolidated report for Departments are included with this web report.  Department of Oregon reached its goal and that is being addressed below in the Schmidt email.

All:  (an email from Charles Schmidt)

It is unfortunate Oregon won’t be able to receive national recognition on the national convention stage in Louisville this year for this great accomplishment by our Department.  However, in the time of pandemic, social distancing, and social unrest, this achievement comes in good timing; something positive.  And the good news is WE, DEPARTMENT OF OREGON done it!  We now have proof that this is easy (at least I didn’t hear any reports of anyone injured) so we ought to be able to do it again this time next year (well, maybe a little earlier).  May this achievement be an inspiration across our Department that with a “can do” attitude, together our Department can rise to any challenge that comes our way.  As a 2020-21 Department goal, let’s put Oregon on the national convention stage in Phoenix next summer to be recognized as a Department with a 100% CPR submission rate.  We can do it again!  Kudos to every Post in The American Legion Department of Oregon.

For God and Country,

Charles E. Schmidt, Chairman

Public Relations Committee

The American Legion


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“A pint of sweat will save a gallon of blood.”

General George S. Patton, 1943

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