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Greeting and Salutations;

We have Post meeting scheduled for Nov. and Dec. and we will hold these meetings. Please try and join us as it has been a while since we have had a general membership meeting. Masks and social distancing will be required for these events. E-Board meeting change for the holiday season moved to Wednesday, Nov. 25th and Dec. 23rd. This change is necessary as Thanksgiving and Christmas both fall on the last Thursday of the month.

October blood drive went well with 33 donors. We have blood drives scheduled for Nov. 14th and Dec. 26th. Both of the drives in Nov. and Dec. will take place from 8 AM to 1:30 PM. Please spread the word about these two important events. Reservation are required call 800-733-2767! We are hoping to have some invitation cards at the Post for you to use to help us solicit blood donors. Check on the sign-in table for these invites.

We are continuing to adjust to the state and county restriction and have scheduled two Sunday breakfast event in both Nov. and Dec. These events are open to the public and we welcome being back engaged with our friends in the community and neighborhood. ALR and SAL are both stepping up and preparing meals at the Post. Please do what you can to attend these functions and support their efforts. Good food, reasonably priced and great company!

I had the opportunity to attend the DEC in Lebanon. Post 180 was recognized at the DEC with three prestigious awards: Teacher of the Year, Law Enforcement of the Year, and Legionnaire of the Year. The Post was also recognized as an Honor Post for having achieved membership goals by the Post, AUX, and SAL. Great job by our Post Family!

Michael Wilson ~ Commander

Post 180 Newsletter

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The Oregon Legionnaire

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American Legion Day, 2020, Milwaukee


As we know, American Legion at state level is called a Department, and each state Department is composed of Districts, which in turn are made up of the Legion Posts for a given District area.  The Posts, Districts and finally, the Department of each state have a goal each year to attain a given number of paid memberships.  This past Legion year, the Departments of Montana, Maryland, Oklahoma and Oregon reached their 100 percent membership goals.  Charts reflecting the consolidated report for Departments are included with this web report.  Department of Oregon reached its goal and that is being addressed below in the Schmidt email.

All:  (an email from Charles Schmidt)

It is unfortunate Oregon won’t be able to receive national recognition on the national convention stage in Louisville this year for this great accomplishment by our Department.  However, in the time of pandemic, social distancing, and social unrest, this achievement comes in good timing; something positive.  And the good news is WE, DEPARTMENT OF OREGON done it!  We now have proof that this is easy (at least I didn’t hear any reports of anyone injured) so we ought to be able to do it again this time next year (well, maybe a little earlier).  May this achievement be an inspiration across our Department that with a “can do” attitude, together our Department can rise to any challenge that comes our way.  As a 2020-21 Department goal, let’s put Oregon on the national convention stage in Phoenix next summer to be recognized as a Department with a 100% CPR submission rate.  We can do it again!  Kudos to every Post in The American Legion Department of Oregon.

For God and Country,

Charles E. Schmidt,

Chairman, Public Relations Committee, The American Legion

Milwaukie City Council Awards Recognition

1 December, 2020

Mayor Mark Gamba

Opening Council Session

Chief Luke Strait

Milwaukie Chief of Police

Officer of Year

Officer Brad Walther

Ann Ober

Milwaukie City Manager

Kathy Hyzy

Milwaukie City Council Pos. 4

Eric Schenk

Milwaukie Teacher of The Year

Post 180 Cmdr. Michael Wilson

Legionnaire of The Year

Chaplain Jerry Craid

Post 180 Chaplain

Attached photos are screen shots from Zoom video.


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“A pint of sweat will save a gallon of blood.”

General George S. Patton, 1943

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