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30 April, 2021

Post 180, American Legion, Milwaukie, OR

Here is the Latest information regarding facilities available and hours of operation for American Legion, Post 180, Milwaukie, by Commander Michael Wilson.


The move of putting Clackamas County in the Extreme High Risk category has necessitated some adjustment in our operations. The EXTREME HIGH RISK category mandates that we can not serve food or drinks indoors however we may serve food and drinks outdoors and we are allowed to operate the Video Lottery Machines (VLM).

We are currently (today) cleaning up the patio and making some rearrangements to the tables and chairs and plan to open up today (FRIDAY 30 April) as an outdoor establishment from 3-9 PM. You will be permitted to come inside and order a drink or food item from the bar menu and then take the drink or food out to the patio for consumption. You will also be allowed to use the restrooms but you can not drink or eat inside.

You will also be allowed to play the VLMs but you can not drink or eat in the VLM room. You will also have to check-in with the lounge employee prior to using the VLM.

We are operating on a test basis to see if we can sustain this mode of operation and ask for your indulgence as we work out the kinks. We want to operate in a safe and healthy manner and need your assistance in making this possible. Masks and social distancing are still required while you are up from the tables and walking around.

Please pass this information along to all our Post 180 members (SAL and Aux).

Michael Wilson
Milwaukie Post 1800



For Employees and Visitors to Post 180 American Legion (as of 11 February, 2021)

Click on the URL below to view “Statewide Isolation and Quarantine Guidance” for a list of definitions of what you should know in reference to Covid-19.

Use the “Symptom Screening Checklist” below to answer questions about your health and work eligibility status.


(March 2021)

The following guidelines are being put in place for the American Legion Milwaukie post. These guidelines are to comply with county / state restrictions and to assist in protecting the health of our members. These guidelines will be adjusted and updated as circumstances dictate.

  1. Hours of operation 3PM to 9PM (depending on customers).
  2. Maximum group size is 10.
  3. Membership card REQUIRED for admission.
  4. ALL personnel required to sign entry / guest book to permit tracking should someone test positive to CoVid-19.
  5. Once Post capacity (80) is reached entry will be denied. Members may call (503-659-1300) to check on availability.
  6. Required county designated personal protective equipment (PPE) will be worn per county guidelines.
  7. Members and any guests need to provide their own PPE or PPE may be purchased from lounge personnel.
  8. Lounge personnel to sanitize tables between customers
  9. Members to order and pick up orders at the bar order station.
  10. No one will be permitted to sit at the bar.
  11. Customers to wear appropriate PPE when not seated at their tables.
  12. Tables to be spaced for 6’ distance requirement and maximum group size of 10.
  13. Lottery:
    a) Machines to be spaced as directed by OR Lottery.
    b) Members MUST sanitize machines before and after each use.
    c) Machine sanitization supplies to be available in lottery room.
  14. Failure to follow rules will result in being asked to leave. These guidelines MUST be followed and will be adjusted as required to comply with phased reopening developments.
  15. All individuals working, entering, or participating in events and activities at the Milwaukie Post 180 are to comply with Oregon Health Authority Guidlines (OHA2351T02112021) regarding COVID Isolation and Quarantine instructions

About wearing face masks

Need Face Covering? (was face mask)

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