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Milwaukie Post 180 of American Legion is equipped and available to serve the needs of our community in the area of family gatherings, dinner events and various forms of entertainment. The Post can provide a raised production stage that overlooks floor space and tables that can seat up to eighty or possibly even 100 people. Microphone and loudspeaker equipment is available as desired.

If you have a special family member birthday that you would like to celebrate, the Post should be on your list of desirable venues. Other activities might be weddings, anniversaries, graduations or any reason to give a dinner or maybe present a special speaker to an invited assembly.

Membership in Post 180 of The American Legion certainly has its benefits. You will find that the cost of sponsorship of a personal event for a member can even be zero (0) dollars. That is a price that you will be hard pressed to beat! If you are not presently a member of Post 180, but are a veteran, it could be worthwhile to check your eligibility for membership.

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Red Cross Blood Drives at Post 180

  • Saturday, October 10th
  • Saturday, November 14th
  • Saturday, December 12th
    • Times of the blood drive are from 8 AM to 1:30 PM
    • Call 1-800-733-2767 for appointment

Details will be posted as these dates draw nearer

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Each year, American Legion, Department of Oregon issues awards to Posts, and individuals in those Posts, throughout the State to recognize outstanding contributions made by those entities to civic groups and communities.  Post members may be may be actively involved in community organizations, public relations or outreach efforts to individuals needing a hand up.  Public relations become visible to the community by actions and contact with the Post Service Officer and the Post Chaplain, as examples.

It has been a tough year to reach some normal goals because of the covid-19 virus in our midst, but children and youth programs were carried out until isolation of individuals became necessary.  The Boys State and Career Law Enforcement programs fell to the “bug” this year, but they are a staple, and will be back as soon as “normal” resumes.

Post 180, Milwaukie, has been growing in membership during the year, and with significant effort provided by Adjutant, the 1st Vice Commander, Post Commander, and some special people who work without titles, membership now exceeds 500 souls.  Emphasis has been placed on keeping Milwaukie American Legion alive and thriving thru retaining and adding membership. Four of the awards reflect the focus on membership that has taken place.

There are eight awards that were issued by Department of Oregon for activities one usually associates with American Legion.  They included Honor Guard Award, Community Service Award, Newsletter Award and Public Relations Award.  Post Chaplain helps make sure that activities undertaken reach public attention thru media contacts.  Chaplain and Post Commander also work with the Honor Guard to render military style memorial functions at Willamette National Cemetery as well as other sites.

Special award recognition was carried out on October 3rd at a scheduled DEC meeting held at Post 51 in Lebanon, Oregon.  Headlined for recognition by Department of Oregon were (1) Legionnaire of The Year, Post 180 Commander, Michael Wilson, (2) Milwaukie Teacher of The Year, Eric Schenk, and (3) Law Officer of The Year, Brad Walther.  These three awards will be covered in a later post on this web site.



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