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Department Convention (2020) or BUST! !

Cancelled . . . It Busted! !

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Join us for the Annual Fred Jossi Invitational Coming in September


Post Everlasting Ceremony

Saturday,  April  25th   at  Post  180.  This  is  a  TRADITIONAL CEREMONY OF REMEMBRANCE for members, that the Post was notified as having passed away from June 2019 to April 2020. It will be held from  10AM  to  11:30  AM  in  the  main  hall.  We  currently  have  19  Post  members  at  this  time  who  have  passed  and  will  be remembered at this event. This is open to all who wish to come.                                          JerryCraig~ServicesChaplain

National Vietnam Veterans Day

Join us in honoring the

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POST 180 ELECTIONS ARE COMING. CONSIDER RUNNING. WE NEED YOU!Three important months for Post 180; March, April and May. Why? Because those are the months for election of officers to the Post. On the First Thursday of March and April, during the regular Post meeting, nominations are open for all offices. Voting to elect those nominated is held at the regular Post meeting on May 7th. The policy for nomination to an office is simple, but not flexible. Nominations must be made by a Legion member that is physically present at the meeting. The nominated person must be a member in good standing, and accept the nomination to become a candidate. April is the second month that nominations may be made. There may be more than one candidate vying for any office. Ballots to elect nominees are available at regular meeting in May. No absentee ballots are accepted.

It should be noted that there are over five hundred members in American Legion Post 180. Of that five hundred, it seems reasonable to expect that there would easily be enough volunteers seeking office to fill the 14 positions available. Come to the meetings, answer the call and enjoy a year as an Officer in Post 180. Stu Kollas ~ Executive Board

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