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Rental Agreement and Fees

Non Member Rental Fees:

Rental ___________________ $100.00

Door / Security Person ___ $50

Kitchen (if applicable) ____ $50

Cleaning Deposit _________ $50

Total Charges ____________$100

Member Rental Fees:

Rental_____________ $0.00        

Cleaning Deposit___$50.00           (refundable if facility is cleaned properly)

All fees and deposits must be paid in full prior to the commencement of the event.

The fee for renting of the Post facility is $100 and represents the security reservation deposit as well. Should you need to cancel your event within ten (10) days of the scheduled date and we can find another renter for that date, we will refund your deposits. If we cannot find another renter for that date within the ten (10) day window, your reservation deposit ($100) is not- refundable.

The Door/Security Person is to provide security and safety for both the Post and your event and arrangements for this person will be made by the Post.

Should you wish to utilize the Post kitchen for refrigeration and/or preparation of small snacks, hors d’oeuvres, or minor cooking and food warming, there will be a $50 charge for this capability.

A deposit of $100 is required to insure that the Post facility is properly cleaned and equipment and furniture is re-positioned. Cleaning supplies and equipment will be available for your use and must be returned to their proper place after use. When the designated Post facility officer is satisfied with the clean-up, your cleaning deposit will be refunded.


American Legion Post 180 and its Agents, shall not be liable for any damage, either to person or property sustained by the renter, guests of the renter using the Post facilities, or others in the renter’s party, caused by any defects now in Post premises or situated in any part of the appurtenance thereof, becoming out of repair or caused by fire or by the bursting of leaking water, gas, or sewer pipes, or from any act of neglect of employees, Post members, or other occupants of the Post building or premises or any other persons.

By executing this rental agreement for the American Legion Milwaukie Post facilities you agree to defend and hold American Legion Post 180 and its Agents harmless from any and all claims for damage suffered or alleged to be suffered in or about the premises of the Post by any person, firm or corporation.

No soft drinks, water, alcoholic or other beverages may be brought in from the outside. Alcoholic beverages may not be removed from the building for any reason.

Excessive trips to – from outside during your event will not be tolerated.

No Tacks, pushpins or other items that cause holes, scratch or mar walls will be permitted. Confetti is not permitted.

All candles must be in an enclosed container

No parties / events will be permitted without an American Legion Door / Security Person at the cost of the renter. At the discretion of the Rental Officer, this fee may be waived depending on the type of event and prior Post rental experience with the renter.

Pool table must be covered at all times. Should you want the use of the pool table or the shuffle board, an additional deposit may be required.

Minors must be supervised at all times; no excessive running, playing on the stage, standing / jumping on furniture, etc. All renters and guests of renters must respect the facility and our volunteers / staff.

No smoking is permitted inside the Post Facility. A designated smoking area is located outside the facility. This location is clearly marked. Please use the appropriate receptacles for extinguishing cigarettes/cigars.

The American Legion is a private, non-profit, fraternal military organization and as such reserves the right to not rent or lease our facility to any individual, group, or organization that opposes our form of government. By signing this agreement, you agree that the event / function to be held under this agreement is not being held to promote the violent overthrow of our government, promote civil unrest, or discriminate against individuals, groups, or organizations that is contrary to the Constitution of the United States of America or local state, county, and city ordinances.

Violation of any of these policies / regulations / stipulations may result in the event being terminated immediately without refund.

All checks are to be written to the American Legion Post 180. Non-sufficient funds (NSF) checks will incur a $35 charge and cash payment for re-instatement of reservation.

Please note: The American Legion Post 180 has been designated as an Emergency Disaster Shelter for the Milwaukie community. In the event of a disaster or critical event, the Post may be called upon by the City of Milwaukie or the Red Cross to become operational. We will make every possible effort to notify you. In the event we are needed to act as a shelter, you may choose to re-schedule your event or your deposit will be returned.

FORCE MAJEURE: No damages shall be due for a failure of performance occurring due to acts of God, war, terrorist act, government regulation, riots, disasters, or strikes, any one of which makes contract performance impossible. The Post shall have no liability for power disruptions of any kind.

The American Legion does not assume responsibility for possessions left unattended. All decorations and supplies must be removed from the premises upon conclusion of your event. Any items left will be discarded at the sole discretion of the American Legion. Confetti of any kind is not permitted.CATERING: Should you wish to have your event catered; the Post can/will provide you with approved contacts / sources that are able to cater your event. You will need to make separate arrangements with the caterer for menu selections and preparations. The caterer will be responsible for making arrangements with the Post for the use of the kitchen facilities.

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