2-218th Field Artillery Soldiers

2 August 2020

American Legion, Post 180

Milwaukie, Oregon

Post 180 was recently informed that approximately 390 Oregon Army National Guard soldiers  from 2nd Battalion, 218th Field Artillery will be returning to their homes in the early days of August.  The homecoming will occur in two groups on separate days, with arrival at Portland International Airport.  The soldiers are based at several armories in Portland, McMinnville and Forest Grove.

Post 180 Commander Michael Wilson has been in contact with Second Lieutenant Wynn from Forest Grove, a Project Officer with the Oregon Army National Guard.  Cmdr. Wilson offered to welcome the soldiers home with an individual voucher, inviting the holder to drop by The American Legion in Milwaukie, and receive informal “welcome home” greetings from some of the Post membership.  As part of the welcome, the Post will offer a free beer and a free “all American hot dog”, or a chili dog.  Post 180 wishes to express “thank you for your service”in a homey way to the returning men and women.

On Friday, 31 July, Lt. Wynn represented the returning Oregon Army National Guard, and met American Legion Post 180 Commander Michael Wilson.  A box of the vouchers that will be passed out to the returnees was given to Lt Wynn for his disbursement.  A photo of the meeting of the two principals is included with this post, as well as a sample of the voucher to be distributed.

Michael Wilson, Post 180 Cmdr. presents vouchers to Lt Wynn of 2 – 218 FA

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